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DOT Services

Who requires testing?

The DOT requires that all employees performing safety sensitive duties be drug tested via urine screening.

All drug screens include use of the following:
    • Federal Custody and Control Forms and Split Specimen Test Kits
    • Nationwide collection site network so your company can be accommodated anywhere
    • Use of SAMHSA Certified Testing Laboratories
    • Medical Review Officer (MRO) Services for all positive test results
    • Reporting and maintenance of all records/results

Compliance is key.

Nationwide Drug Testing can help you administer the federally mandated drug testing programs for all operating administrations of the DOT.  
We will help you ensure a safe and drug free workplace to keep you in compliance with DOT regulations. You will always receive prompt and secure results. 

Testing panel information

The chart to the right details the substances included in the 9 panel drug test, which is required by the Department of Transportation.  Alcohol screening, when necessary, is required to be done via breath or saliva.  

DOT Drug Testing Panels
DOT Drug Testing Panels

Additional services provided

In addition to Federal drug screening, Nationwide Drug Testing can provide the following:

• Consortium Services - Random sampling, consortium management and selection notification services

• Record Keeping Services - Maintenance of all records for required period; quarterly/annual statistical summaries; assistance with audits

• Training and Policy Development Services - Supervisor, participant and reasonable suspicion training; assistance with developing a custom substance abuse policy for your organization; on-going support to help DERs stay on top of updates to federal mandates regarding substance abuse management 


Regulatory information

49 CFR Part 40 details drug and alcohol testing for organizations within the transportation industry. An overview and the document’s entirety can be viewed on the Department of Transportation’s website at:

Types of Testing:

    • Pre-Employment: Before a prospective employee can perform a safety sensitive function or be included in a consortium, the employer must receive a negative test result.
    • Reasonable Suspicion/Cause: If a trained supervisor has reason to believe that an employee has violated the DOT policy on drugs and alcohol, the employee must submit to testing.
    • Random: The DOT requires safety sensitive employees be tested for drugs at a rate of 50% annually (some divisions require less than this).  Selections are made monthly by a computer program and the designated employer representatives are notified via a letter and email.
    • Return to Duty: After testing positive, an employee must re-test before returning to safety sensitive functions.
    • Follow-Up: A testing program set up by a substance abuse professional to help an employee resolve drug use associated problems, usually done over the course of 12 months.
    • Post Accident: Testing will include both drugs and alcohol if certain criteria are met.

If an Employee Tests Positive or Refuses a Test:

    • The employer is required to remove the employee immediately from safety-sensitive functions and that employee cannot return to DOT safety-sensitive functions until evaluated by a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) and treatment is completed. A follow up evaluation must also be completed along with a negative drug/alcohol test. The employee will also be subject to follow up testing over the course of 12 months under direct observation.
A link to this portion of the DOT site, can be found here: http://www.dot.gov/odapc/employee#violate

DOT Drug Screen Regulatory Info
DOT Drug Screen Regulatory Info

Useful links

DOT Divisions:

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Additional Links:

Office of Drug and Alcohol Policy & Compliance: http://www.dot.gov/odapc

National Institute on Drug Abuse:  http://www.drugabuse.gov/

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FMCSA Clearinghouse
FMCSA Clearinghouse